Saturday, July 24, 2010

Android Program Defective on Droid X

I made the mistake of downloading a program called Blink - Flash LED Your Way and it didn't work and messed with my Droid's LED status light.  I highly recommend staying away from this CRAP program, and add it to your Do-Not-Download list.  In theory it would be a great program, allowing you to change the color of your Droid's status like things like SMS, MMS and Battery.  But it shows up with no color at all and not even the original default green.

I uninstalled the program and rebooted my phone, and luckily the default green light came back.  But, it also went away again, so that really pisses me off that it might have permanently messed up my status light.  I hope that program gets pulled from the Android Market because it's defective and dangerous to have on your phone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Droid X-Ceptional!!!!!

I finally got a second Droid X today!  This was after my first one turned out to be broken, by way of the bottom half of the touch screen being dead. It's so nice to finally have the phone I waited for for so long and to begin to explore it's wonders.

Right off the bat the first that impresses me is the huge screen, a side by side comparison of it and the original Droid really shows the difference.  The next thing that I noticed happened while I was playing one of my favorite games, Smiley Pops (which I highly recommend you check out and download). Before when I played the game, the animations would lag and it was quite sluggish.  Now when I play it's as though my Droid X somehow managed to find a line of premium coke and snort it!  It's insanely fast and I can't wait to see how all the internal functions and other programs benefit from this raging speed.

My favorite gesture/slide keyboard "ShapeWriter" was still unavailable to download on the Android Market, but I was lucky enough to find the newest version 3.0.5. Apk file.  If you're interested in trying it or have been looking for it, I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post.  I think the link I left a couple of posts ago was an older version.

It was really funny and I would say lucky, but I don't believe in luck, that I was able to get a replacement today.  Everywhere is sold out and I mean everywhere.  To order one you have to wait over two weeks, which is what I went to the Verizon Wireless store to do today.  But on a lark, while I was waiting in line at the store I decided to call Best Buy.  I had been on a waiting list there and they said they would get some phones in this week and call after all of their pre-orders had been filled.  So I called while I was waiting expecting to be shot down, but they said they had just one left and it was first come first serve.  Luckily that Verizon store was only like two minutes away from Best Buy! So I hopped in my car and recklessly drove to the store (wouldn't it be sad to get in a reck for a phone??? YES!). But I got there and just in time because two people showed up after me that had also called and been told the same thing.

So, like I said, I don't account "luck" for what happened but it sure was lucky.

ShapeWriter Apk File Download:
ShapeWriter .apk file

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Broken Droid X

Well on Tuesday I finally recieved my Motorola Droid X, but to my dismay it was broken. To be precise the bottom half of the touch screen was dead. I took it to the Verizon store and they spent like an hour trying to fix it.

Unfortunately they have no new or refurbished models to replace my broken one with. That really pissed me off. So basically it all came out that I would have to wait over two weeks to recieve a replacement. I have another option for getting a new one which I hope works out though. But its just stupid that the manufacturers don't make enough product to meet the demands of the consumers. This isn't just the fact that more people want the phone that they thought it's a purposeful move on their part to create a higher demand for the product.

This happens all the time with other products especially video game consoles. They develop hype about a product by offering limited amounts. That has always made me so angry that they practice such charlatan moves to gain more want for something. So I'm pretty pissed off at Verizon's customer service as a whole. They've failed to prioritize problems and only thought about the dollar signs just like Apple has done with the failed release if the new iPhone. To big companies it always seems like it's quantity over quality.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Doom Generation and Gregg Araki

The Doom Generation has been one of my all-time favorite movies since I saw it when it first came out back in the 90's.  It's actually kind of hard to explain why I love it so much.  It's not sheer gratuitous shock value that appealed to me, but it does possess much of this.  I think it was just how absolutely unique and different this movie is.

I can pretty much say that for all Gregg Araki films.  The man is a genius in my book kick's ass! With the exception of maybe "Smiley Face" (which isn't my book), all of his films have been extremely avant-garde and just special.  They all feature explicit sex and violence, for the most part.  But that is a real horrible way to describe Araki's films, so I don't know why I just wrote that. Probably flashbacks from high school and the last girl I dated dementing my thought process.

But back to the GENIUS, Mr. Araki. He just has this unique look on life and that shows in the ways he shoots his movies.  They have the undeniable high point of good batch of white girl, with the crushing reality of coming to terms with your own mortality.  Everything from the film he uses, to the editing to the soundtracks he chooses has always made his movies stand out from all the normal Hollywood garbage.  And well, I'm not a movie snob, but there is absolutely nothing out there that can touch the magic that Araki produces, save maybe Harmony Korine and Larry Clark, but their humor isn't as warming as Greg Araki's.

I've worked on a few movies in my time, and when I do work that is my official profession, but I still haven't lived my dream and had the chance to work on one of Gregg's films.  Life isn't over, and I never say never..well except, I'll never think its cool nor will I ever pop the collar on my shirts.  That is just motarded.

So to all you Gregg Araki fans out there I ask you to leave a nice message about his works of demented art and if you're not familiar with his work I challenge to test your desensitizing skills and watch one of his movies.

I salute you Gregg...NEVER STOP MAKING MOVIES!