Saturday, July 24, 2010

Android Program Defective on Droid X

I made the mistake of downloading a program called Blink - Flash LED Your Way and it didn't work and messed with my Droid's LED status light.  I highly recommend staying away from this CRAP program, and add it to your Do-Not-Download list.  In theory it would be a great program, allowing you to change the color of your Droid's status like things like SMS, MMS and Battery.  But it shows up with no color at all and not even the original default green.

I uninstalled the program and rebooted my phone, and luckily the default green light came back.  But, it also went away again, so that really pisses me off that it might have permanently messed up my status light.  I hope that program gets pulled from the Android Market because it's defective and dangerous to have on your phone.

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