Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great New Live Wallpapers by BetterYourDroid

BetterYourDroid has done it again with two new awesome live wallpapers! I recently bought the Nexus 1 and Droid2 live wallpapers from him and they are really well done and make my home screen shine! The Nexus 1 wallpaper flashes back and forth with bright electric colors forming a beautiful "X" in the middle of the animation. This is really cool to me because I own a DROIDX and it looks like it was made for the X.

The Droid2 live wallpaper is really simple yet really eye catching and almost hypnotizing as it sits in the middle of your screen and scans back and forth.

As far as boot animations go you can always get them free off the Net but the company BetterYourDroid always delivers in a unique way that always out shines the original animation. I would have to say this is by far, best shown in their Droid X live wallpaper. It takes the original animation, which in my opinion is a little to sluggish and tired, and they set it on fire. That is the first thing people comment on when they see my phone for the first time. They are stunned by the flash of the Droid X eye and I have to say I agree.

All of these Live Wallpapers by BetterYourDroid are priced at only $.99 which is quite a steal for the quality of the wallpaper. Believe me there are other developers charging like $4 for wallpapers that don't even come in second place to how great Better Your Droid has crafted these works of art! So just search "BetterYourDroid" on the Android Marketplace and buy all of their beautiful Live Wallpapers while you can and while they are priced at only one dollar!

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