Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Motorola Droid "X"

Well, the new Droid came out today, the Droid X! I went to go and purchase one but they were sold out everywhere. But at the Verizon store I went to they would sell you one and it will arrive in two business days. So, I'll either recieve it on Saturday or most likely this coming Monday.

The Droid X has so many great new features! Of course one of the biggest new functions is the ability to shoot High Definition video in a 720p resolution. As long as your light source is good the videos will look amazing! Also the new Droid has three microphones on it which is quite a plus for all the video enthusiasts. It has one mic for narration, one for subject and one on the top of the phone for noise cancellation. I'm quite the avid cinematographer so I'm very excited to get the phone and play around with all the new video functions.

On the older Droids in the Android Market they offer Tethering programs (which can turn your cell phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot), but the new phone comes stock with this feature, which is really cool. This could come in handy if your ISP is down and you want to jump on the Internet. Actually it's probably the best if you don't currently have the internet but you have a computer or some other internet ready device. Now you can sync the device to your Smart Phone and voila you can now surf the mighty web. You can also sync it to your Xbox or PlayStation 3, but if you are attempting to play multiplayer shooters of some sort, I wouldn't recommend it.

Some other cool features about the X are the new 4 by 3 inches screen, it's humongous i saw it in the store. I think it must have the largest screen on a cell phone right now (this is just opinion i haven't researched this yet). Also the Droid X comes with a default of seven home screens. You could already achieve this on other Droid phones using Home Alternatives (Launcher Pro Beta being my favorite hands down), but this way there is no extra programs needed. Also in the bottom dock on the phone you can press buttons that will take you to whatever screen you desire. One of the last things that is really cool about the new version of the Droid is the super fast 1GHZ processor. I played around with the floor model in the store today and I must say that the speed difference between the Droid and the Droid X is quite noticeable.

So for now that raps up my little review of the Motorola Droid X that was released today. I'm sure I'll have more to talk about once I get my Droid in the next couple of days. Thanks for listening to the rants of an Android Maniac!

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