Thursday, July 29, 2010

Droid Games That I Love! And More!

Here is a list of some games that I've been playing and that I recommend....

- Word Up!
This is a wonderful word search game. It gives you a board size of your choosing all the way up to 6x6. You can scan around for the right word count you want and really sharpen up your vocabulary skills. I like to use this in conjunction with the Droid Dictionary, even though the game does give you definitions of all the words you find. I use the Droid Dictionary also with the Droid Dictionary Plug-In so I can save my favorite words. This game has lots of options you can choose to customize your game with. Everything from the board size to the color of the board to the allotted time you want. It is very addictive and will make more articulate while your having fun!

- Trap (free with ads)
Trap is a great game that is never the same each time you play it. It'sa little tough to describe in writing but I can spend hours playing it. The basic premise is you have little red balls bouncing around a large square at different speeds and you draw lines around the balls to cornet them off eventually filling up the whole screen with boxes until you can't trap them any farther.

- Smiley Pops (free with ads)

Smiley Pops is a great match three game. There are many variations of this concept offered out in the Market but this is hands down the best! The cute little animations brought me in to begin with, it just looked so different from any other games. But it was the gameplay that never gets old that kept me addicted. You swipe and match three little faces of which they all have different colors and expressions. Some are happy some are crying and some just look insane! The sound effects are superb and it even has it's own little theme song to keep the action going. It has three different game modes to choose from but I enjoy Free Style the best.

This last selection isn't a game whatsoever but I just had to mention it because it is so awesome! It'sa new Live Wallpaper from the company BetterYourDroid. It'sa unique take on the stock Droid X Live Wallpaper. And I have to say owning a Droid X and comparing this one to the stock X wallpaper this one wins in all categories! It's brighter than the stock, the animation is more alive and it just all around screams Droid X. The price is perfect for such a perfect wallpaper. It will look good on any phone you have it's not just for the X. Get it now it's the best Live Wallpaper on the Market!

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